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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a travel counselor?

A travel counselor handles all aspects of your travel. Yes, you can plan your entire vacation on your own, but it requires a significant amount of your valuable time and can quickly become overwhelming. A travel counselor does the research, coordinates tours, and provides support while you are traveling.


Should I purchase trip/travel insurance?

Trip/travel insurance is a wise investment.  Many trips such as cruises and  tuours involve non-refundable funds paid months in advance. Even more important is the "during travel" coverage and assistance.   Travel insurance can minimize the financial risks associated with missed flights, lost baggage  theft, medical emergencies, or emergency evacuation. 


Does Soulful Odyssey book group travel?

Yes.  From multigenerational itineraries to friends' getaways, we can create customized itineraries for group of 10 - 100+ travelers.


Does Soulful Odyssey arrange private homes/villas/condo rentals?

Unless a property is available through one of our trusted travel suppliers who have vetted the property, we do not assist in arranging trips involving private residences. 

Let's Work Together

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